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we are doing out best to bring real food to real people at a really affordable price.
WE have the healthiest plant-based burgers on the planet.
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Our Products

All Plants • No Oil

The santa fe super Slider

A plant-based power house that is packed with bold flavors and just the right amount of spicy kick. Perfect for bowls, burritos, salads or a stand alone burger.

Nutrition Facts
170 Calories
2g Fat
32g Carbs
7g Protein


The original garden Burger

The perfect plant-based burger that is guaranteed to please. A great combination of healthy veggies and wholesome beans and grains. Great for salads, stir fry, or as a stand-alone patty.

Nutrition Facts
130 Calories
2g Fat
25g Carbs
5g Protein


Eat plants and move your body, all ya gotta do is a little more than ya did yesterday

Tim Kaufman

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